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Jonathan Jones posted, in The Guardian, an excellent article, Art criticism and the pleasure principle. Every time people ask me, how I build my collection I say two things:

  1. I collect what gives me pleasure
  2. Every single piece has to do with my psyche

Jonathan Jones says that British 19th century art critic Walter Pater had a simple approach to art critic: Pleasure. And this simple idea for me is everything in the world of art and in collecting art.

Once I heard from a trader: If it takes more than 30 seconds for you to explain me your idea, this idea is no good. Pierre de Fermat omitted the solution for his theorem, stated in the footer of page book, saying the solution is simple and convincing. It took 300 years for mathematicians to solve it.  So, if an art critic that is, too complicated, with a language that no one understands, for me, it is no good. There is also an acronym KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. I like this one too and it’s very useful in art collection.

Keep a simple approach to art, It will bring pleasure. Don’t try to explain too much. Feel yourself. Have fun. Enjoy it.

Let everything that goes beyond this, to boring people trying to give exotic explanations for us, simple human being.

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News about Art, Eduction, Tech, Politics and Tech. Pedro is an ex-trader and househusband. He spends his time as a Contemporary Art Aficionado.
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