Impenetrable x Penetrable – Concretism x Neo-Concretism

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“Sao Paulo Poets proposed that Poetry should be made according equations, what for us was without porpose” (Poetas de SP propuseram que a poesia fosse feita segundo equações, o que nos pareceu sem propósito) – Ferreira Goulart at Folha de Sao Paulo today.

Impenetrable                       Penetrable

—————–          =              ——————-

Concretism                         Neo-Cocretism

Ok, this is my equation.  I am from Sao Paulo and I like to express myself as an equation.

I realized that the equation was right last month when I went to Rio for a performance on the beach (Arpoador). This performance showed me very clearly the screaming difference between the Sao Paulo art scene and the Rio de Janeiro one’s and the behave of Cariocas (people from Rio) and Paulistas (the one’s from Sao Paulo). Cariocas wearing sandals went to the beach stepped  in the sand and in the water, therefore penetrables, neo-concretist. I stayed at the bar table’s with friends talking and drinking Portuguese wine (Cariocas were drinking draft beer). I thought, I am an impenetrable, I am from Sao Paulo, I am a concretist, I don’t want to take off my sneakers to either step in the sand or the water.

I believe Ferreira Goulart is 100% right. I behave like an impenetrable.

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3 Responses to Impenetrable x Penetrable – Concretism x Neo-Concretism

  1. Sergio Saunier says:

    I’m with you on this one old friend. I’m impenetrable as well. Won’t even take my shirt off alone at home.

  2. Luiz Augusto says:

    Very good post but how do you explain my situation: I am a carioca and If i were there I would rather stay dry, drinking wine with you at the bar than waliking in the sand and getting wet in the sea. Do you think this makes me a sort of Impenetrable Carioca?

    Abraço, Luiz Augusto

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