Sandra Cinto opens at The Seattle Art Museum. In Sao Paulo her work hits a record price.

Sandra continues to rock the boat. This Friday (April 13th) she opens a (soldout) show at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). This show has a lead grant from the Paul Allen foundation. The show is called Encontro das Aguas (Encounter of Water). It is a huge installation that Sandra is painting exclusively for her exhibition at SAM. One can visit her show during the next 12 months. Here is the SAM press release.

While in Sao Paulo, her work hit $110,000 mark this monday at Aloisio Cravo’s auction. This was her highest price in a public auction ever. Sandra is today a very mature artist. She has survived the mid career crisis that every artist face. Her work is here to stay and she will be a reference for Brazilian drawing and painting. My readers know that I have been very critical of today’s Brazilian painting. I believe that we lack creativity and aesthetics. Sandra is completely different. Her aesthetics is beautiful, pleasant, calm. Her creativity has been in a constant change. She is always challenging herself. If you are looking for drawing and painting in Brazil, Sandra is the best.

Congratulations Sandra. You deserve your success. More to come.

Sandra Cinto is represented in Sao Paulo by Casa Triangulo and in New York by Tania Bonakdar.

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