My visit at Alberto Giacometti at Pinacoteca

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti

Amazing exhibition. Great works. Excellent.

I went on the first day. Since then I’ve tried to write something about it. I lack words. Giacometti is the best. I’ve been to quite a few Giacometti’s exhibition, but  this one at Pinacoteca was really particular. What called my attention the most was the power that his tiny pieces have. What an impact they make. As I said I lack words. Go to Pinacoteca and check it out. Don’t forget to bring your kids.

Alberto Gicometti will be at Pinacoteca until June 17th.

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News about Art, Eduction, Tech, Politics and Tech. Pedro is an ex-trader and househusband. He spends his time as a Contemporary Art Aficionado.
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