The Art Fair season has arrived and the number of fairs keeps on growing

The calendar is busy in May and June in the art world. Several art fairs will fill collector’s agenda. Should you be a globe trotter its time to travel: Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Frieze New York  4 – 7 May 2012

SP Arte 10 -13 May 2012

Art HK 17-20 May 2012

Arte BA 18-22 May 2012

Art Basel 14-17 June 2012

The growth in the number of the fairs has been huge in the last years. The question is: Do we need so many art fairs? Will we have that many in a few years. It looks like to me that a consolidation in the market, sooner or later, will happen.

Collectors and Galleries cannot be physically everywhere. Besides the cost of shipping, insurance of art pieces added to airline tickets, lodging and entertainment for collectors, make these events very expensive to Galleries.

Art Fairs are a good venue for collectors and buyers visit, in a single shot, tens of galleries. But there is a price for it. Maybe one of the reasons for the rise in price in the primary market, in the last couple of years, is that someone has to pay for all the fairs and its costs: end buyers and collectors.

The fair phenomenon –

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