Estate of the art – FT tells us what is going on in the Art Market

It’ s been a while since I saw this article. It is an excellent article that explains everything I believe is important about what is going on in the art market. It talks about low interest rates, collection strategy, aesthetics, curating, nurturing new talents, consumption, decoration and justification of wealth. All points above are key for the formation of the art market. All of them are necessary and we cannot exclude a single one. I will stop my comments here. Read the article, it really worth reading.

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News about Art, Eduction, Tech, Politics and Tech. Pedro is an ex-trader and househusband. He spends his time as a Contemporary Art Aficionado.
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3 Responses to Estate of the art – FT tells us what is going on in the Art Market

  1. Hmmmm. Food for thought.

    • Aidee says:

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