My kids had a lot of fun – Antony Gormley at CCBB

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We took our kids last Saturday to downtown Sao Paulo to check Antony Gormley’s show at CCBB.  But the best was to see my children having a lot of fun. They were so interested that they even forgot it was lunch time. After we left we kept on talking about the show.

Four floors of amazing pieces. There are quite a few iron statues, an amazing video about a huge sculpture called the Angel of the North, an installation with hundreds of mini clay statues. There is also an outdoor installation where a few statues are on top of nearby buildings and also on the street. It is not a coincidence that Gormley is one of the most famous sculptors today.

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One Response to My kids had a lot of fun – Antony Gormley at CCBB

  1. Anonymous says:

    We had a very similar experience! Great time together with Gormely’s pieces! Enjoy the show !!

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