Cruz-Diez at Pinacoteca (Sao Paulo)

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The whole family went to the Cruz-Diez exhibition at Pinacoteca. I love Cruz-Diez work, but since I’ve been to so many of his shows my expectation was low. For my surprise, this was the best Cruz-Diez exhibition I have ever been. There, one can see his works before Phisychromie(1959) and all the Phisychromie time life until today. Regarding the 50 year old Phisychromie history one particular issue call my attention: the evolution of material used in the make of these works. Early works, Phisychromie 1 and Phisychromie 2 (only as example), shown there,  use thick card board painted to make the effect. As time goes by the material changes to vinyl and the quality of the vinyl gets better and better.  Collectors all says that early works are the real thing. In this case, as the material used became much better wit time I have to say that the visual effect of the new works are much better than the early ones.

There is also a room where light is project in a wall and in balloons hung in a wall that create an amazing visual effect.

Children can play in a computer and simulate Cruz-Diez works. There is an interesting Cruz-Diez app in the iTunes store .

Go and check yourself. Take your kids, it is a lot of fun.

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